About Us
Melissa is the sole owner and operator of FolliCare.
After seeking out electrolysis services for herself for hair caused by hormones, stress, and heredity, she grew a passion for helping those who want to eliminate their unwanted hair.

She truly enjoys the process of removing hair equally as much as she enjoys seeing the joy and confidence that hair removal brings to her clients.

Did you know that Electrologists are not required to be registered or certified in the Province of Alberta? This can at times make it difficult when trying to choose the right Electrologist. Melissa sought out one of the best schools in Canada to get her training, as well has opted to take the exams necessary to become a member of the Electrolysis Society of Alberta and the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations.

Certified Professional Electrologist - C.P.E

Member & Director of the Electrolysis Society of Alberta

Member of Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations


Successful completion of the 500 hour course at Canadian Electrolysis College http://www.canadianelectrolysiscollege.ca/
Follicare is the only clinic in Calgary who uses the world-exclusive Apilus xCell.

It is faster and more powerful than any other electrolysis technology on the market. It runs at a frequency 6 times higher than others, which results in exceptional comfort and superior results.

Hospital grade sterilization. Probes are single use, pre-sterilized and pre-packaged.


FolliCare is located in a private room inside of European Massage Therapy which is located on the second floor of Ranchlands Village Mall. A surgical microsope is used for optimal precision and results. After care products are available for purchase.  
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